Worship Application to Music Ministry

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praise worship2"It doesn’t really matter, in my opinion, the form of worship or the structure of worship – What really matters is the reality of worship…Did worship occur?" (John Wimber)


1. The role of the worship leader is to engage people with God. Nothing else should matter when people are in worship. It’s just you and God.

2. The most important thing you can do when leading worship, is worship God personally – become the lead worshipper. If you passionately worship God, then people will see that passion and be drawn into worship themselves.

Prayer preparation.

1. Leading worship can be the most draining, tiring – both mentally and physically you may ever do. There may be times when you think you can’t do it, when you’re not worthy, but it’s through prayer that God raises us up and gives us the energy and strength to do things.

2. So prayer is so important if not the most important thing before leading worship. Not just yourself praying but get others involved praying for you and your team and the people that God will touch.

3. Pray for Gods spirit to come, pray for direction, and ask God what he wants you to do. Prepare your own heart, seek his face, open your heart to hear Gods voice. Pray that people’s relationship will be renewed.

4. Pray that their lives will be changed. Pray that people will meet with him for the first time. Pray that people will be themselves with God and worship from their heart. Pray for freedom in worship. Pray for everything you can think of!

5. At times you may feel stressed and tired before leading worship. Try and prepare for leading worship the night before or the weeks before. Figure out what songs God wants you to use, pray before choosing songs, pray before rehearsing – basically cover yourself with prayer and let God be God.

6. Often the worship can leave you feeling down, but don’t get down about any mistakes. It is never as bad as you think and everyone makes mistakes. If you feel down – then get someone to pray for you. It’s pretty common to feel this way. Often, even when you haven’t felt God at all – he has come really powerfully to the people!

7. Keep yourself in a humble state; always learning, always serving.


1. As worship leaders, it is important that our hearts are in the right place. We need to turn our eyes away from our personal problems and look at God.

2. Check you heart and see why you are leading worship, make sure it’s not a selfish drive,  check that it is not because you want to be in the light. God knows what is in your heart.


1. You can’t lead anyone into worship if you're not there yourself. It is essential that we worship on our own, when we’re not leading. It is so important to have our own time with God. Otherwise our relationship with him will suffer. In the times with God he will speak to us, guide us and ignite a passion for his name.

2. There is a lot to leading worship. Just because you have musical ability doesn’t mean that you will have worship leading skills, and on the other spectrum, just because you aren’t musical doesn’t mean you won’t be a fantastic worship leader. God gives us the gifts we need.

3. However, being musical does help. The more skillful you are at your chosen instrument the more comfortable you will be leading worship. It also helps to draw people into worship more effectively.

4. You need to be confident enough so that the people you are leading can trust you.

5. If you have to think too much about playing the guitar or which chords to play then you’re not going to be able to worship God yourself and you won’t be able to lead people to God.  It’ll make things a lot easier if you improve your skills.

6. Play along with worship CD’s, take lessons and make sure you practice, make your gift an act of service to please God. “Sing to him a new song, play skillfully and shout for joy” (Psalm 33:3)

7. Play through songs until you know them off by heart, words and music.

8. Making mistakes, singing the wrong words isn’t a major thing but it may distract others from worship. If you make a mistake – just keep going, don’t pull faces or start talking just keep going. Most people won’t notice the odd bum note.


1. Your own worship and relationship with God will teach others how to worship.

2. The call for worship is a call to serve. It is not for exposure or satisfying the ego. Stay humble, on your face before the lord. “Even the son of man did not come to be served but to serve”.


1. Worship is not expressed through a performance or through the songs you pick. But through a life that is devoted and pleasing to Jesus.

2. If we don’t spend time with God throughout our whole lives, and leading worship is just something we do one day a week then it’s not a real and honest expression of our worship.

3. Worship must be something continual, and we must be always looking to be holy and pure in the sight of God.


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