JEN by Jennifer Lee

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By Jennifer Lee

Hello my name is Jen and I’m into sin.
I love my parents and I have pretty good friends.
I go to school everyday and I get “A’s” and “B’s”.
No never any “D’s.”
I come home with my family, we eat dinner together, you know laugh and talk,
Afterwards do homework, then take a bath, and lights off.
I have a boyfriend who I think I love and want to marry.
My goal is to grow up make lots of money, live in a huge mansion, get married and have four kids.
Wow! If I could I would be like Whitney Houston and do everything that she did.
I have a happy life. I’m pretty and I’m thin.

Oh no, now it begins.
They argue during the day,
They argue at night.
I feel so depressed because I can’t even sleep at night.
My entire happy home is being ripped out from under me.
All because a parent cheated.
Man, sometimes I just get so heated!
I punch walls or start throwing things,
And now I’m just depressed and have thoughts of suicide.
I just feel so lonely and empty inside.
My boyfriend broke up with me because of his problems.
Well what about mine?
No one understands my pain.
I lie awake at night and my dog licks my tears.
I aim guns at my head, take an overdose of pills just to relieve my fears.
Sometimes I sleep on the kitchen floor in total darkness,
lost in a world where I have no home.

But just at my darkest hour,
I find a place where I can belong.
There is a light that says, “I am the First and the Last,”
And all things like school, boyfriends, and money will come to pass.
Ever since I accepted Jesus love,
My joy is neverending.
My life before was truly pointless and heading for a dead end.

Now in Jesus I have a true friend.
“But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” (Phil 4:13)
God’s love is truly like no other.
He promises he will make me into a great nation and make my name great so I can be a blessing.
I’m so glad I chose him.
He really is the Light of my Salvation.


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