Evidence for Faith Articles

The following articles are from a book by Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz titled, Evidence for Faith 101: Understanding Apologetics in Plain Language. You can purchase a copy of the book from Amazon.

The Deity of Jesus

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One thing separates Jesus from every other religious leaders in history: He claimed to be God!

Jesus didn't say He was like God. But that He was God. When referring to God the father, Jesus said bluntly: "The father and I are one" (John 10:30). Surely Jesus didn't make this bold statement in jest or in a desperate attempt to get attention. He said it because it was true. The religious leader certainly knew what Jesus meant, and they plotted his death because of it (John 5:18).

Evidence for Jesus

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Everybody wants a piece of Jesus. The majority of the people in the world know the name of Jesus, and at least a third of them – those who call themselves Christian – identify with Jesus personally. Muslims respect Jesus as a prophet and someone who lived a sinless life. Even Jews call Jesus "one of us," a Rabbi who preached love and tolerance. Everybody wants a piece of Jesus because they want Him on their side.

Evidence for the Bible

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The Bible is an amazing book. The word is derived from the Latin word Biblia, which means book. From a purely statistical perspective, no other book comes close to the Bible's popularity. Since it was first printed in 1455, more than six billion copies of the Bible have been published. Yet statistics don't begin to describe the miraculous nature of a book that originated in the mind of God, was written by human authors who were divinely inspired by the breath of God, and can now be read by ordinary people with access to the Spirit of God.