2 Peter

The Gospel Gap -2 Peter 1:3—9

Written by Rhoel Lomahan on .

Our vision as a ministry is to ‘live out the gospel in life and community.’ What is the gospel? Tim Keller, defines the gospel as “… the true story that God made a good world that was marred by sin and evil, but through Jesus Christ he redeemed it at infinite cost to himself, so that someday he will return to renew all creation; end all suffering and death; and restore absolute peace, justice, and joy in the world forever.” Simply put, the gospel is the good news of what Jesus did to save me from sin. I absolutely did nothing to earn his favor and love; it was only his one-sided grace. The gospel of Jesus in a person’s life covers his past-present-future. We are saved from our past. Jesus took our place on the cross. Our unrighteousness goes to Jesus and his righteousness is imparted to us (2 Corinthians 5:21, Colossians 1:22-23). We also have future promises of his coming and a new heaven and a new earth (Acts 3:19-21, Rev. 21:1). But the problem is the ‘present’. For some of us, there is a gap of understanding between the gospel and our daily lives.