Big Idea: Don't ever make God your enemy!

Key question: Can there be nothing worse in all of life than hearing God say, "I myself am against you" (Ezekiel 5:9)??

"--therefore, here is what the Lord Yahweh has declared: 'I am against you! I myself! And I will execute judgments in your midst in the sight of the nations" (Ezekiel 5:8). "My eye will not have pity, Nor will I spare. On the contrary, I will hold you accountable for your conduct, While your abominations persist within you. Then you will know that I am Yahweh who smites(Ezekiel 7:9).

  1. Calling (1-3): The Call of Ezekiel: Encounter (ch. 1); Mission (ch. 2); Crux(ch. 3).
  2. Judgment (4-32): Oracles of doom.
    1. God's judgment on Judah and Jerusalem (4-24).
      • Against Jerusalem (4-5): Dramatizing the fall of Jerusalem.
      • Against the mountains (6): Judgment proclaimed against the mountains of Israel.
      • Against the land (7): Sounding the alarm for the land.

Big Idea: Serve God God's Way.

Ezekiel's Calling (Chapter 1-3). (1) The Vision: An Encounter with God (Ezekiel 1). (2) The Commission and Mission: Driven by a High Calling (Ezekiel 2-3a). (3) The Vocation: A Strange Job Description with Strange Restrictions and Instructions.

* Have you encountered God?

* Have you been called by God?

* Did it change your heart and life?

* What difference does having a calling have on your life?

* What has God put you on earth for?

* What does the Spirit compel you to do daily?

Key Question: Is there anything more life defining and life altering and meaningful and fulfilling than being called by God for a specific task and mission that is far greater than ourselves?

In commissioning him, Ezekial needed an encounter with God as he saw visions of God (Eze 1:3). But it cannot be done only by sight; language must intrude, since a commission involves the giving of instructions. Essentially, the instructions contain two main ideas:

  1. God tells Ezekiel that his message will not be received well.
  2. God makes the point forcefully that Ezekiel is a bound man who must speak God's word regardless of their reception of it.

God's Commission of Ezekiel as a Prophet (Ch. 1-3):

  1. The Vision (Ch. 1): An Encounter with God.
  2. The Commission and Mission (Ch. 2-3a): Driven by a High Calling.
  3. The Vocation (Ch. 3b): A Very Strange Job Description.